Was meine Kunden sagen

"Mr. Jansen and his expert team have been looking after our garden with old trees since 2010. Thanks to his extraordinary knowledge, we regularly supplement the range of plants with previously unknown specimens. We always look forward to the work and the exchange, also with his very friendly team. We can only warmly recommend Jansen Garten!"
Hermann Sinkel
"My garden is a matter close to my heart and I'm a real lover of unusual trees and shrubs. I've known Mr. Jansen since 1997 and have great confidence in his precise work. That's why I'm always happy when his team lend a hand in my garden and empty and Fill them together again harmoniously afterwards."
Inge Soeker
"Our garden was a 40-year-old mess. At his recommendation, we created a whole new concept. Almost everything was blown out and we created a beautiful bamboo grove with unbeatable privacy from the neighbors. We were really impressed by the drive of his team. Here you are in really good hands."
Jan Balawender
"Great work! Many thanks to the Jansen garden team, from planning to implementation, we received professional advice and support. The result is impressive: Since the redesign, we have not had a visitor who has not spoken to us about our particularly beautiful garden !"
Manuel Faber
"They have been designing, looking after and caring for our garden for over 15 years. We really like their fresh ideas for design and the consistently good quality of their work. We feel comfortable in our garden and are always happy to receive compliments from our friends. We We are already looking forward to your next idea! "
Andreas Mauracher
"Mr. Jansen and his team are extremely reliable and implement everything we want cleanly and quickly. Since I've known Mr. Jansen, I've only booked him and his team for our property management. Five stars!"
Property management Freckmann
"I was at loggerheads with my garden until I met Mr. Markus Jansen. After we had a look at my garden, we quickly found a clean solution. A lot of what was in the garden was replanted and supplemented and a fantastic hydrangea dream was created. Now it's blooming until late autumn. I'm really happy with the result. My thanks go to Markus Jansen's team."
Raymund Große-Duetting
"My garden is now 56 years old and was lovingly laid out by my father, who has a degree in horticulture and was responsible for technical advice to the Chamber of Agriculture. It was a matter close to his heart. Mr. Jansen and his team are my first choice, because They recognize the spirit of this floral treasure and let the garden grow and shine in its entirety with incredible precision and expertise. I enjoy looking at my garden oasis and I look forward to every visit."
Christoph Schuemann
"Hello Mr. Jansen! We just wanted to let you know how happy we are with our "evening sun seat"!! How many times have we looked at each other with or without a sundowner and said "Isn't it perfect?" Yes, it turned out great, that one too Lawn edge brings a nice swing and finish! Without exception, our visitors are enthusiastic and also wish for such a beautiful garden!! Thank you!! Warm regards"
the Radings
"Hello Mr. Jansen, I think we agreed on a ''WOW garden'' at the time. But what you have come up with for me now goes beyond my imagination. The shell already looks so grandiose from standing on the terrace all the time and admiring the work of art. Now that the right plants are in the right place, I'd rather be a bee than a garden owner. All that's missing is for my garden to be mentioned in garden magazines as a model garden. Mr. Jansen "You are not considered the #1 here in Münster for nothing. I congratulate myself on my choice. Best regards."
Hannes Strangfeld
"I have now worked with Mr. Jansen for the third time. This time it was my terrace's turn. As with my front garden and the annual garden maintenance (TOP service) offered by Mr. Jansen, I am blown away this time too. Would have I didn't think that you could make so much out of my barren terrace landscape. A real eye catcher! Nothing off the peg, but everything but ordinary! I can now proudly present my new terrace to my relatives and friends every time. It's particularly worth mentioning that Mr. Jansen not only shines with professional expertise, but also always picks up new and fresh ideas in personal discussions. A popular figure through and through! Can only warmly recommend Mr. Jansen and his team to everyone."
Dominic Struck